Our Happy Patients

I would highly recommend Zydus Healthcare. Booked their home PCR test at the last minute and got results in the morning. The customer service was excellent, and they also gave me the correct information regarding the measures I should take before my flight.

The staff is friendly and communicates effectively. I asked them to come around 10 pm to collect a blood sample from my residence. Being adherent to the promise, their team reached on time and collected blood samples in a few minutes. I got my results the next day!

Timely and credible doctor on call service in Dubai. I requested a doctor on call service to my hotel, and in the next 30 minutes, a professional doctor accompanied by a medical expert reached our hotel. They diagnosed and provided me with the medication information and instructed me about a diet change. I would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking timely and reliable care, no matter where you are.

We needed physiotherapists who could come to my sister, who was suffering from excruciating upper back and neck pain. The next thing I learned about them was through a friend and gave them a try. After booking, they reached under 45 minutes to my location, and she felt no pain after the routine practice of almost a month. They were great and extremely helpful, and I recommend them to anyone.

They have excellent nurses who will treat you in the most accurate way. I was completely satisfied with their excellent treatment plan and professional attitude. The care and communication were incomparable to the ones I got in the past.

I’ve experienced this with the nurses and doctors of Zydus Healthcare, who are all accommodating, experienced, and polite while treating their patients. They always treat their patients with professionalism and offer high quality care that I haven’t experienced in the past.

I’ve taken Zydus Healthcare’s physiotherapy at home service and I can confidently say that their team has been excellent in providing timely relief. I’m quickly recovering from my injuries and thanks to the team of physiotherapists at home. I’ve tried a bunch of physiotherapists earlier, and they have been really amazing.

The doctors and nurses are professional. I wanted a doctor’s checkup at home as I didn’t want to drive all the way to the hospital. One of my colleagues recommended Zydus Healthcare, which turned out to be the best decision. They reached my doorstep in 30 minutes and provided professional treatment and medication.

The team of Zydus Healthcare was professional and very accommodating. The doctor came in and dealt with the urgent situation without delay or excuse. Another thing I like about them is that their customer support team is always available and will keep you updated with the doctor’s arrival and booking confirmation – certainly a 5-star rated service.